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DOMercury -  Ditch The Mouse
Current Version 3.0 BETA

DOMercury is an extensible utility that goes beyond launching applications.  You can search the internet, specific web pages, find, open, move, copy and delete hard to find files and folders, maximize and minimize system windows, and execute complex scripts with a few simple key strokes.  No mouse needed.

Here is a list of just a few things you can do with DOMercury:

·         Launch Start Menu Applications

·         Create your own keywords to files or folders

·         Open, rename, move, copy, delete  files and folders

·         Switch between open windows

·         Start your ScreenSaver

·         Search the internet

·         Open your favorite web pages

·         Search specific websites such as Wikipedia or E-bay

·         Maximize, minimize, restore and close open windows

·         Launch automated tasks by keywording to batch files

·         Create your own functionality with the Plug-in Framework


News: Check out some Demonstration Videos

DOMercury now comes packaged with new skins!  Check out the Skins Page.



 Latest News

DOMercury 3 BETA Released! After over a year and a half, I have finally gotten to updating DOMercury. I still use it every day, even though I haven't (until recently) touched the code in over a year. Check it out.


GMail Plugin Released! Go to Gmail, compose a new mail, or peruse your contacts to send a new mail to, the GMail Plugin is a quick and easy way to send mail to your friends.


New Skin available for download on the Skins Page: MiniShine by tysiva. Its a very sharp skin with a small screen footprint. Also on the Skins page: Dave, the man who brought you Metallic, submitted some refactored Google Icons. Check them out as well.


New plugins available, created by my buddy Ross. Also, if you like DOMercury please vote for it on Lifehacker's High Five


New Skin available for download on the Skins Page: Metallic. I didn't make this one, which means it looks pretty good.


DOMercury 2.7 Released! This release has a lot of improvements to prioritizing and speed in searching.


It has been called to my attention that the thumbdrive package I put up last night was corrupt. As of 1:26 PM central time today, a fixed version of the 2.6 thumbdrive package has been uploaded. Sorry about that.


DOMercury 2.6 Released! Also lots of other updates: Forums are now redone in Community Server, and DOMercury now has a Blog. There is new a new Plugins Page detaling all the "Official" DOMercury plugins, as well as three new plugins: Windows Desktop Search, Clipboard BETA, and iTunes BETA. The site is under re-design, so watch for a new layout soon, and 2.6 is undergoing the final release stages with some awesome updates soon!

Voo2do Plugin Released! If you can't decide between Todoist and Voo2do, don't worry, DOMercury has plugins for both now. Ive also released, on the Other Domsoft Products page, the APIs for both Todoist and Voo2do. Also, check out the Voo2do Demo video

Five new videos are up in the videos section, making 6 videos in the new series so far and 11 videos total. Check 'em out!

The Todoist Demonstration Video is up. More videos coming soon

Todoist Plugin Released!
Do you use Todoist? If so, you'll love this plugin. It allows you to quickly add items to your projects through DOMercury without going to the site! You can also view and update your projects and Todo List Items.

DOMercury 2.5 Released!
It's been 2 months now since the last release, but a few useful things have been added. You can now zip things right from DOMercury, The Google Search has been enhanced to allow you to search specific facets of Google(Images, Videos, products, Gmail, etc) and new skins have been added (check out the Skins page). I have also finally interfaced DOMercury with DomGrep, allowing you to Regular Expression search files and folders directly from DOMercury! In the next few weeks I plan on releasing a higher quality video series on the little known advanced features of DOMercury (there are alot of them, many not very well documented) and well as the option to interface DOMercury with Windows Desktop Search. If anyone has experience interoping with Microsoft Outlook I am looking to create a plugin which allows you to search through Outlook contacts, mail, etc.

Almost 2 months since an update, wow I didn't know it had been that long. I've been working on a couple other projects, but DOMercury 2.5 should be coming soon, I've added some features and a few new skins.
DOMercury Version 2.4 Released!: Piles of updates on this one.  Many skinning issues, including that "DOMercury loses its skin on startup" bug have been fixed.  DOMercury now remembers which items you access frequently and pushes them higher onto the results list.  The performance options have been expanded and you may now use the Priority Editor to change priorities of common items.  Oh yes, and Actions now have icons as well.  I am almost done with a new skin, LCARS, which should be released in the next couple days.  See the changelog on the Downloads page for a complete list of new changes.

DOMercury Version 2.3 Released!: So I finally released another version, this one includes a SmartSearch Feature (which is now turned on by default) and allows you to configure the maximum results that come back. It also includes a ScreenSaver object, so you can start the screensaver right from DOMercury, and a BIG Improvement, you no longer need the Title bar in Windows Explorer to show the full path for Selected File sensing to work.  It grabs the path from the Address bar now!

DOMercury Demonstration Videos Uploaded: Ive been a bit sick, so these took longer than expected (I sound sick in the videos) but they are up, and those who want to see some ways in which DOMercury can be used can check them out.

Also, there should hopefully be another update to DOMercury 2.3 here in a few days, so stay tuned.
DOMercury 2.2 Released!: 
A few minor updates plus a new skin, the QSkin, and the previously elusive Firefox Bookmarks Plugin!
The IEFavorites plugin and the FF Bookmarks plugin now allow you to either have the bookmarks and favorites as sub indexes of a parent item or distributed directly into the main index.

A demonstration video on DOMercury will be posted after thanksgiving.  I'll try to cram examples of all the neat features I can think of into it.
DOMercury 2.1 Released!: 
DOMercury has a whole new face now, and a completely skinnable one at that!  As soon as more skins are made, a skin repository and forum will be added.  Skinning Instructions will be added soon as well.
NOTE:If DOMercury does a hard exit it may lose its skin, just reload the skin in the options form to get it back.

TimersPlugin Released: Check out the downloads page for a new plugin, the TimersPlugin, which allows you to add timed reminders.
Stay tuned for DOMercury 2.1, with some new features, and a new look!

More Updates Soon: DOMercury is undergoing some cosmetic changes in development right now, so if you like the functionality, but don't like the way it looks, never fear, it will be looking a bit different soon, and a skinning framework is almost completed. Also, I am working on a few more plugins to release as well, so stay tuned.  Also, the site may be undergoing a makeover as well.  Firefox has completely eclipsed IE (5:1) in visits to this site, so I need to make the thing look presentable in Firefox.

DOMercury 2.0 HOTFIX If you downloaded DOMercury 2.0 this morning, there is already a hotfix out to fix the "c:" break.  Sorry about that, but it works now.

DOMercury 2.0 Released!  After almost 2 weeks DOMercury has undergone a major revision.  It now supports sub indexes, along with a new FolderContents plugin to show them off.  Speaking of plugins, the plugin interface has been completely revamped to a modular fashion, and a slew of example projects have been posted on the downloads page.  Check out the Write A Plugin page to see the changes.

DOMercury 1.2.1 Released!  As promised, DOMercury 1.2.1 has been released, with the inclusion of the FolderIndexorPlugin, allowing you great control over what files are added to your DOMercury Index!  Read about it on the Downloads page

Big Release Coming Friday Afternoon  Friday Afternoon (10/19/07) I will be pushing out a new release of DOMercury which has many updates to the Plugin Details in the Options Form, as well as a completely new plugin, the FolderIndexorPlugin, which allows the contents of any folder to be added to the DOMercury Index, with the option to filter specific file types. Check the Downloads page for instructions on the FolderIndexorPlugin.

Version 1.2 Released!  Version 1.2 includes an improved plugin interface. Also The Write a Plugin Tutorial is up as well as example plugin source.

Version 1.1.4 Released!  Version 1.1.4 includes a new plugin which indexes IE favorites adds inter-session autocomplete to the Parameters Pane, and includes a Plugin management section in the Options Form. Documentation and change log have been reflected to show Version 1.1.4 changes.

Example Plugin Projects source and a plugin tutorial will be up soon.

Firefox Views Improved  Its not perfect, but its much more navigable now if you are a Firefox user.

Forums Added  Forums are now up on the site, unfortunately the Firefox navigation viewing issue is still present.

Feedback needed!  Using DOMercury, finding any bugs?  Let me know please!

DOMercury 1.1.3 Available for DOWNLOAD

Navigation looks bad in Firefox.  Will be fixed soon.